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Most olive oil continues to come from the Mediterranean, despite the fact olive groves grow in abundance all across the world. Greek extra virgin olive oil is currently on the rise, mostly due to its distinct, strong flavor and aroma, and its exquisite green color.

There are different olive tree varieties, which are subject to local climate and soil conditions that influence the oil’s color and flavor, subsequently making the choice of olive oil a matter of personal taste.

Chemical and sensory parameters determine the quality of olive oil. Ultimately, an extra virgin olive oil smells freshness in the nose and has a pleasant and clean taste in the mouth.

 In Greece more and more olive oil producers are changing their olive groves from conventional to organic. In organic olive oil farming, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used at any stage of production, harvesting is done by hand or mechanized harvest machines, while olive oil is produced by cold extraction at low temperatures to ensure the best, most natural and safest result.

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