Why choose Greek extra virgin olive oil?

Here, there is a very illuminating and helpful article from "ambrosia magazine":

1) 80 percent of Greek olive oil production is extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification.

2) The small size of the olive groves allows for special care and devotion by the producer.

3) Research indicates that Greek olive oil contains more polyphenols (antioxidants) than extra virgin oils of other origins.

4) All Greek exporting companies use certified bottling producers, they have modern infrastructure, and employ a yellskilled labor force.

5) Processing and bottling adhere to strict quality control and product safety procedures   and criteria. 

6) The olive fruit spends gm storage the minimum possible time before pressing. This way the olive oil produced keeps all of its special organoleptic characteristics.

7) The most appropriate harvesting techniques are used, and the degree of ripeness of the fruit is always taken into account. 

8) Greece offers the ultimate biotope for cultivating the olive tree. Greek cultivars have developed distinct characteristics that make their olive oil stand out.