Choosing special gifts for the holiday season, especially during Christmas time, depends on the person they are addressed to and our relationship to him or her. We try our gifts to express love, originality and hopefully to be appreciated by those who receive them, regardless the value.

A very original gift that you probably have not thought of, is Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Why?

- Extra virgin olive oil is related to the "joy of the spirit" and has a very spiritual meaning,

- It is an unique gift that, besides its originality, is more than healthy. And it is also a sign of respect and admiration to our beloved ones,

-Italians were the first to adopt the idea to offer extra virgin olive oil as a gift, and this idea has spread slowly in all Mediterranean countries.


An Oliorama casket, with extra virgin olive oil, a 100% Greek high quality product is  definitely an original and special gift for your loved ones, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when we accept the most invitations for meals and dinners.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the pearls of gastronomy. It is the main element of the Mediterranean diet, which has been recognized as "intangible cultural heritage of humanity."

So, this year bring quality and excellence to your family and friends. Adopt this idea, offer Oliorama extra virgin olive oil, it will surely be appreciated.


From the soils of Ancient Olympia: Few words about OLIORAMA

OLIORAMA & Co GP is a producer and supplier of supreme quality products (extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic honey) coming from the region of Ancient Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Our products are all gold awarded for quality and innovative design in several International Competitions. 



Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Oliorama Exclusive PGI Olympia   (1x500ml gift packaging)

Oliorama PGI Olympia (250ml-500ml-750ml /1x500ml -2x500ml gift packaging)


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Oliorama BIO Exclusive PGI Olympia (1x500ml gift packaging)

Oliorama BIO PGI Olympia  (250ml-500ml-750ml /1x500ml -2x500ml gift packaging)


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