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Greek Organic Oregano   

Organic Herb from Greece

Award winning producer

Oliorama Organic Oregano – glass jar – Organic herb from Greece – Award winning producer

Cultivated in Ancient Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympic games)

Oregano may be used in dishes that contain poultry, bread, potatoes, feta cheese, salads, tomato based sauces, pies and one may also use it to marinate meat and fish. Oregano has noticeable antioxidant properties, something that is further increased when combined with olive oil.

Oregano has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and as such, it strengthens the immune system. It may be used against chronic or acute bronchitis and chesty coughs. Finally it eases digestion and constipation.

Features & details

  • Health benefits
  • from the soil of Ancient Olympia (the birthplace of Olympic Games)
  • produced in our fields
  • glass jar for protection from moisture

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