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What is a PGI product?

Protected Geographical Indication

PGI (Protected Geographical Indication): Denotes a food linked by its quality and reputation to a region in which at least one stage of production took place. Growers within these areas are permitted to add the specific logo to the olive oil label, guaranteeing that: the olive oil is produced in a specific geographical area; the oil is pressed from a specific variety of olives cultivated in that area; the quality and organoleptic characteristics of olive oil depend on the climate and the soil, and that the olive oil is pressed at 27 C.

The European Union, in order to defend the diversity of its many high quality products, has established European quality systems to identify products with a specific quality. The most notable are: PDO & PGI

The PDO & PGI symbols do indeed guarantee a level of quality, and a particular, original taste and aroma.

Denominations of Origin

18 olive oil producing areas in Greece are registered by the European Union as PDO, while 11 regions are registered as PGI.

PGI Agrocert - Certified Olive Oil
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